an all new collection of granite-topped cabinets for backyard baking, grilling, dining and entertaining.

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The Kitchen

Elegant, functional and affordable, these quality components and cabinets are ready to assemble in any configuration you can imagine.

Kitchen Configuration Layout Ideas

The Kitchen

A collection of granite-topped cabinets for backyard baking, grilling, dining and entertaining.

Easy to build

The Kitchen is a series of individual kits that come complete with everything needed to build, including precut block and granite tops sized to fit, reinforcements, adhesive, and easy-to- read, step-by-step instructions. Depending on the complexity, most Kitchens can be built in a day or two.

Affordable luxury

Necessories Kitchens are beautiful and functional, they turn backyards into attractive and enjoyable outdoor living spaces. These cabinets come ready-to-assemble making them easier to install and more affordable than typical masonry structures.

Expand it at anytime

Build your Kitchen all at once or add new features over time. Because of their modularity, expanding your outdoor cooking and entertaining space is easy to do at any time.

Earthy colors

The Kitchen features Rockwood Retaining Walls’ multi-piece, tumbled Lakeland wall block. Its linear design and aged appearance fits well in homes of any style or decor.

Beautiful Granite Tops

Granite is an igneous rock formed billions of years ago when magma cooled deep beneath the earth’s crust. Nearly as durable as diamond, granite owes its density and hardness to its origins – solidified under extreme pressure deep within the earth.  Granite is as durable as it is beautiful; it’s not affected by extremes in temperature and under normal conditions, resists etching by knives, household acids and kitchenware.


Viscon White (3cm)


Black Pearl (3cm)

Besides its beauty, granite is...

  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Cleans without difficulty
  • Sanitary – when sealed, granite does not harbor bacteria
  • Highly resistant to burning or charring from hot pans, appliances, utensils etc.
40in Sizzler Grill
32in Sizzler Grill

Summerset’s Sizzler Grill Series is a premium product at an unbeatable price. Designed with careful precision to ensure optimal airflow and even heating, this grill gives its higher-priced competitors a run for their money in both durability and grilling performance. The Sizzler will impress the most discriminating grill master.

  • #443 stainless steel construction
  • Push-to-turn knob ignition
  • 12,000 BTU #304 stainless steel burners
  • 15,000 BTU infrared back burner
  • Double-lined hood assures optimal airflow
  • 8mm cooking grates won't warp or rust
  • Easy-clean briquette system for even heat
  • 30" double stainless doors
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color
  • Summerset Grill Warranty

40" Sizzler Grill Cabinet

  • 56" W x 28" D x 37" H
  • 6 main burners
  • 875 sq. in. cooking surface

32" Sizzler Grill Cabinet

  • 48" W x 28" D x 37" H
  • 4 main burners
  • 740 sq. in. cooking surface

Deluxe Rotisserie (optional)

  • #304 stainless steel, heavy-duty motor
  • 25 lb. capacity

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven
Oven Stack
Wood-fired Oven Toolkit
Wood-fired Oven Toolkit

Outdoor Oven Kit

This beautiful stand-alone wood-fired outdoor oven is sure to be enjoyed for its ease of use and ability to bake delicious entrees, breads, desserts and pizzas in minutes.

Nonno Peppe Outdoor Oven

  • $1,399 MSRP
  • 24" x 24" cooking surface
  • Handcrafted in Sicily
  • #304 stainless steel construction
  • Reinforced, polished stainless steel chimney pipe
  • Stainless steel wood caddy
  • Stainless steel door with beechwood handle
  • oven
  • Thermometer
  • Color: Hammered copper

Necessories User Guide
Outdoor Oven User Guide

Woodbox/Stand Kit (sold separately)

  • 32" W x 28" D x 37" H
  • 4.75 cu. ft. of storage
  • (16" W x 16" D x 32" H opening)
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color

Wood-fired Oven Toolkit (sold separately)

  • 1 large pizza peel (55" x 11.5")
  • 1 small pizza peel (51" x 8.5")
  • 1 brass bristle brush
  • Stainless steel
  • Solid beechwood handles
  • Oven Tookit Cut Sheet

Summerset drawers and brackets are made entirely of #304 stainless steel. They feature heavy duty, smooth glide rails and matching handles.


The Island cabinet is the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. It’s large enough to seat six adults and has over 30 square feet of surface for prep, dining and entertaining. The center storage area comes with two stainless steel drawers and a single door. Available with or without the sink.

  • Two easy-glide stainless steel drawers and magnetic close door
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color
  • Optional 15" stainless sink and faucet

Summerset drawers are completely enclosed to protect against rodents and insects.


Combine the comfort of an indoor kitchen range with all the benefits of being outside. Specially designed for performance and function, Summerset’s double side burner is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

  • #304 stainless steel construction
  • Push-to-turn knob ignition
  • Two easy-glide stainless steel drawers
  • 30,000 BTU solid brass burners
  • 19.5" x 10.5" cooking surface
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color

Stainless steel pull out drawer for the trash cabinet.

  • 24" W x 24" D x 36" H opening
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color

Refrigerator (optional)

  • UL certified for outdoor use
  • #304 stainless steel construction
  • 5.5 cu. ft. capacity
  • Reversible door with lock and key
  • Digital temperature display


the trash cabinet

  • #304 stainless steel construction
  • Easy-glide pullout drawer
  • Accommodates a 12 gallon trash can
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color
Outdoor Kitchen Prep Station

Summerset doors and drawers offer attractive, easy to install flush mounting hardware. Doors feature magnetic latches to keep them closed, secure and orderly.


With over 9 sq. ft. of surface, the Prep Center Cabinet will be appreciated for its generous workspace. Build it with the optional sink, and it will make your outdoor kitchen truly complete.

  • Two easy-glide stainless steel drawers and magnetic close door
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color
  • Optional 15" stainless sink and faucet
Smoker Cabinet
Smoker Cabinet Kit
  • 24" W x 24" D opening for your smoker
  • Choice of granite and cabinet color
  • Shown with Big Green Egg smoker (not included)
Double Drawer
  • Two easy-glide stainless steel drawers

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